Roundtable Recap

10/20/2020: Risk Management Roundtable

Recap prepared by:
Angela Peachy Larson, CPHRM, CPX
SCAHRM Board Member at Large & Membership Chair
Manager of Risk Management @ Emanate Health

On October 20th SCAHRM offered its first virtual Risk Roundtables.  The virtual risk roundtable was established to allow members to provide and receive much needed input from each other regarding best practice and work related challenges.  Risk managers, professionals, attorneys and insurance experts virtually gathered in a “safe space” platform to share stories, ask questions and collaborate to gain support that normal in-person networking had provided in the past. The first session convened at 12:00pm, and the second session at 5:00pm.  Both sessions were very well attended offering topics ranging from “How to Influence Culture Change, Patient Rights, Professionalism, Decision Making Challenges in Palliative Care, and Developing a Plan for addressing Civil Disobedience on hospital property.”   A few other hot topics discussed were “Cal OSHA Site Visit Management, Insurance Renewal during COVID-19, and How to Better Manage Custodial Patients.”  The platform allowed for shared learning in a casual setting that was engaging, informative and beneficial for all who participated.