SCAHRM Quarterly Newsletter Article 2 – April 2022

Leadership and Personal Growth

How do you feel about public Speaking? Petrified? A variety of studies show public speaking is more terrifying than death. Yet,our peers stand up and deliver confidently! What is their secret? With the annual conference around the corner, would you like some secrets to giving an audience embracing speech?

Open strong!  Begin with a question, some humor, or a  headline that grabs the audience.   For example, With labor shortages, changes in the delivery of care, and the bombardment of cyber security threats, how do we turn 2022 into a year of opportunity rather than survival?

How you open your speech sets the foundation.  Your words create a tone of humor, seriousness, or being a know it all.

What is in the middle? It is the Meat! Figure out if you want to educate, inform, inspire, or persuade.  Do a little homework not only on the topic but about the audience.  Be sensitive to their predilections.  Draft your message using simple language.   Make each word count, less fluff equals more impact.

Rehearse to honor your allotted time.  Rehearsing also gives confidence and allows you to be more expressive.  Lower your voice, raise it.  Avoid monotones.

Close powerfully!  The audience remembers a dynamic closing.  Memorize your conclusion as necessary.  Your close is likely what the audience recalls for others.

Sherri Horowitz, SCAHRM Communication Chair